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Composite materials are used today across a wide range of industries. When fiberglass is added to a polymer matrix it changes its structural properties and becomes a stiffer and stronger material. Material technology is constantly evolving and making work and life easier and more efficient. And the world of construction is no exception. People applied high-cost metal covers in last centuries, are now starting to invest in composite-fabricated covers, composed of non-metallic materials instead.


The material plays a major role in the development of lightweight structures for sewer industries and municipal applications. In construction, their use had also grown to include composite bridges, construction rods, and high-performance manhole covers. Let’s view several benefits that make this composite cover far surpass the iron covers in sewing and municipal constructions.



Composite covers are popular due to their lightweight. This makes it helpful and makes it more effiworkly to finish work at one work site and move to the next. A worker or two can easy to carry the composite cover and frame to a manhole, and effortlessly install them or open the cover with a tool.  No need for mechanical lifting because they don’t have to strain to move them. Also, it creates a safer environment and reduces the risk of back injury.




When iron covers come into contact with water, it keens to corrosion. An over-rusted manhole cover may break when heavy wheel trucks drive over it. This generates more fall in hazzard and public health issues. However, This is not a problem with composite covers. They can withstand most chemical aggressive liquids or gases.



Because composite material is so durable, it saves on maintenance. It does not have to be replaced as often. And when you consider the shipping and fuel costs that are incurred when these items are delivered, this saves an incredible amount of money.



Unlike the traditional cast iron manholes, our composite manholes can last up to three decades. They don’t need as much maintenance. They are fully traffic rated which means that can withstand 30%  more weight than traditional covers.



One of the biggest issues of metal covers is theft. Jobless people steal them in order to sell them to the scrap market. The uncovered holes are hazardous to the public. However, thieves are often detoured by composite covers because they have zero scrap value.


The main advantages of composite manhole covers from Jinmeng are that they're lightweight and corrosion-resistant. They are ideal for use in challenging environments such as electrical and high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide. The products are also not conductive and do not interfere with wireless signal transmission. 

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