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  • Jinmeng Composites is a global leading manufacturer of composite manhole covers, trench covers, draining system and underground containment systems including access chamber, telecom vault and surface box. We have served industries and projects concluding Telecommunication, Electricity, Gas, Petrol, Water & Sewer, Utility, Housing Decoration, Automotive & Transportation. Jinmeng provides tailor-made Composites solution to your specified requirement, as we understand each project has its unique characteristics. Founded on core value of quality and innovation at 1999, Jinmeng has developed into the first Composite Manhole Cover in China and keep updating the material performance to meet global standard – EN124-5, EN1433, AASHTO and AS3996.


  • In 2017, Jinmeng has invested $1M to develop first automatic raw-material production line in China. Now we help customers from over 70 countries using Jinmeng Composite alternatives to replace the traditional concrete or cast-iron products. Composite is light, scrap-free, strong, radio-friendly and green with low CO2 emission. In 2017, Jinmeng setted up a new 3000 sqm R&D center to make more development and innovation on Composite Material. We are ready for the challenge, New Jinmeng Composites in coming, Now.


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